About Coffee Near Me

Hello Coffee Lover!

We know that you like a coffee like us and we are looking for a coffee shop where we can have good coffee wherever we go in the world. We can miss out on the most adorable places where we go to a country or city we don’t know.

We started to do long research for the answer to the question of where we can drink good coffee in the countries we go. Coffee lovers know that; Good coffee for exaggerated decorations not enough! For good coffee, coffee beans, milk used, equipment and bar should be sufficient.

At this point, this project, which we call Coffee Near Me, comes to the fore. This project, which we plan and think in Ireland, will feature detailed information from dozens of coffee shops in Dublin, Galway, Cork and Limerick.

So why did this happen in Ireland?

The answer is simple! There is a lot of good coffee in Ireland. Especially short-term visitors will find a lot of detail.

Dublin Street

Will you only have information about coffee shops?

No! In fact there will be information about at least coffee shops on our site. We want to answer all the questions about coffee and include all the stages of a coffee. We would like to draw attention to coffee brewing methods (Chemex, V60, Aeropreso, FrenchPress, etc ..), coffee beans, and even coffee.

One of our greatest goals is to create awareness. All of us right to drink coffee at better standards. For this purpose, we want to travel as much as possible and to share our experiences with you.

Please note that; if you have good coffee in a place, there are surely happy people!

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