Are Barista Courses Worth It?

Barista; espresso the word barista comes from Italian and the inspiration for the word is the bartender.

What exactly does Barista do?

Barista is the person who prepares and presents coffee in Italy, the country where coffee culture is developed. In other words, the barista should be able to understand the core of the coffee, use the coffee machines and remove the major minor faults and should be able to daily clean and maintain the machine. Barista is the person who will deliver the business bar and keep an eye on it. They should also know how to prepare soft drinks, not just coffee.

Are the barists more focused on the production of coffee?

In fact, it is not necessary to separate these two. Because no matter how good you make coffee, if your presentation is bad, if it is obvious that there is no doubt, it doesn’t matter. Otherwise, if your construction is bad (in which the pressure of the espresso machine is distorted, the coffee is finely or thickly ground, the milk is too much to boil, there is a variety of reasons to put the coffee more or less) but if your presentation is good, it is pleasing to the eye but it is until tasting. So both should be taken care of. It’s about loving her job.

What is Latte Art?

Barista Training - Latte Art
Barista Training – Latte Art

Latte Art is the pattern made by using milk foam and coffee on the coffee you prepare.
Is it more important to have a skill and dexterity to become a successful barista or to master the technique?
Everybody can do this. But loving work, always being a researcher about his / her job, keeping up with innovations and being open to development give advantages to those who think about this business.
World Barrace Championship
The World Barista Championship, which was held in different countries on a regular basis every year, first started in 2000 in Norway. Baristas are asked to prepare 12 coffees in 15 minutes. According to the preparation and taste of these coffees, the best barista is determined by the jury.

What are your suggestions to those who want to work as Barista?

It will be a great advantage to follow the innovations in the sector, to closely follow the new drinks and to observe other baristas. Nowadays, as the coffee industry has shown a great improvement, this is actually a gold bracelet.
How should a good Barista training be?
A good barista training will be better with a good barista. Apart from that to get the basic information, either the barista training places should be trained and practiced by practicing it or directly from the field of cooking. So you need to get somewhere and start at the bottom which takes some time but it’s one of the healthiest methods.
It is not enough to make coffee art to be a barista. They should also be able to understand coffee machines very well and eliminate faults. You must always be in harmony and friendly with customers and employees. To become a Barista, all conditions must be fulfilled. There are also several training programs to become Barista. At the end of these training programs, you can apply for a Barista certificate to obtain a Barista certificate.. You can further specialize in communicating with experts who are barists to further develop themselves. School education is not required to do this job. Only the Barista Certificate is sufficient. In order to do this, they must complete the training programs successfully and do their jobs properly.
What are Barista Courses? What does it teach?
Barista courses are the institutions that enable members to be informed about coffee making, as well as the use of coffee machines, how to treat customers, how to make art called latte art. Barista candidates learn about the production of many drinks thanks to these courses. These courses, which allow you to learn a lot about coffee types, can help even barista candidates who have never made a coffee. However, these courses are generally costly.

Barista Course - Skills
Barista Course – Skills

Are the services offered by these institutions worth the high price?

Usually not. Although these courses teach many things, they often do not provide enough services. However, there are institutions where you can get a really good education about barista education.

Dublin Barista School
One of the most prominent institutions in Ireland is the Dublin Barista School. An expert in the coffee industry, this organization provides quality training to bring in inexperienced barista candidates to levels where they can find jobs in five days. This institution, which has a variety of coffee shops in many places, is one of the institutions that grows the best baristas in the world of coffee. The services provided in this area are approved by many people with experience and are highly admired.


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