What Are The Best Coffee Grinders?

Coffee is now a globally popular beverage. In this way, after the breakfast, after dinner and often preferred among the historical drinks. But the important thing is the freshness of the coffee and it is enough to smell a cup of coffee to understand if it is fresh and if it does not clump, it is fresh. If you want to cook fresh coffee, our suggestion is to take freshly roasted coffee beans and grind it at home by coffee grinder machine. So, how do we get the coffee?

How to grind coffee?

You will need a grinder to grind your own coffee.

The coffee milling process is usually rested for at least 12 hours after roasting. After this resting process, we can grind our coffee. It is very important how the grinding is done in many ways. So we have to build an equipment.

You can take your coffee at the place where you bought it or you can grind yourself in the size you want at home. The drawn sizes of the coffee are thick and thin. The large grain of the coffee indicates that the coffee you received is thick. If coffee has small grain, it is mean coffee is good. Generally, the grinding of 7 types of coffee to grind a good beverage is another degree of curvature. There are also several coffee makers for grinding.

Coffee Grinder Types

  • Hand Mill Grinder Coffee Machine: This type of mills, which we can find almost everywhere, have been used for a long time. In this machine, homogenous grinding is carried out according to the filter coffee. But we shouldn’t consider espresso type milling. Another issue we must remember that coffee grinder machine takes a lot of time.
  • Electric Mill Grinder Coffee Machine: There are usually two kinds of electric grinders on the market. Grinding machines with knives are usually very similar to kitchen robots. It consists of a rotating blade on a batter. Although it seems easy to use such machines, it is necessary to be experienced enough to grind ideally. The biggest problem you will encounter is the large and small non-homogeneous grinding method. In this case, large grains will not give the full term. The smaller ones will give a more bitter taste. To avoid this, you must run the machine at short intervals and shake it a little. Disc type electric mills are the best coffee grinder machine available on the market in terms of homogeneous grinding and speed.

Coffee types used in grinders

1- Medium Ground Coffee: It is the coffee you should use in the medium milled coffee that you prepare with drip method. The medium ground coffee remains in the filter and does not drip into the cup. Gives a better taste. We should think about coffee for espresso in paper filters.

2- Coffee with Medium Thickness: It is a form of grinding used for coffee that is usually decorated with arty baristas. It is also called ground coffee near the top of the cup.

3- Extra Thick Ground Coffee: This thickly ground coffee is definitely used in a coffee that needs to be brewed for a long time. The name of this coffee is cold brew. It is a coffee that needs to be infused for 10 hours in the shortest time.

Which Coffee Grinders Should Be Used for Best Results?

Nowadays, two products especially come to the fore.

1- EK43 (Mahlkonig EK43 Coffee Grinder): This machine with its high grinding capacity and a classic professional espresso grinder, is one of the best coffee grinders you can get. This machine perfectly captures coffee bags. Fineness settings can be done very easily. The stepless thickness adjuster and the speed of coffee milling will provide you with the finest coffee. This super-fast machine has achieved a great success on the 43rd place in the World Brewers Competition. The use of this grinder that everyone is experienced today is highly recommended by experts.

EK43 Coffee Grinder
EK43 Coffee Grinder

2- Comandante Coffee Grinder: It is one of the best grinders for real coffee lovers and qualified coffee enthusiasts. It is a very durable and high-performance hand mill with a completely new idea and knife set, which is the product of the application. In addition, a new geometry and form has been developed to give the most accurate particle size distribution for your high quality cores, where fresh extraction is unavoidable. Comandante knife sets are cut into single pieces directly from large metal blocks by skilled experts. This allows a design to be produced whereby an average coffee bean is milled in each round at a rotational speed that does not force your wrist, regardless of your level of grinding.

Comandante Coffee Grinder
Comandante Coffee Grinder

These two coffee grinders are the machines where you can get the best results on coffee. If you want to produce your own coffee in your home you must get one of these two machines.


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