Best Coffee Shops In Dublin 2018

We know that a new generation of coffee is in every street. Especially in recent times, many boutique coffee shops were opened in different concepts.

Where do we find good coffee when there are so many coffee shops everywhere? Does every coffee shop make good coffee? Here are the answers to these questions for you.

First of all, let’s talk about good coffee. What is this good coffee?

There are many factors to make a coffee good. In short if you need to list these factors;

  • Coffee bean
  • Freshness of coffee beans
  • Water temperature
  • Pressure ratio
  • Coffee equipment

All of the ingredients listed above are factors affecting coffee. When this is the case, some boiled water and coffee beans are not enough to make coffee.

Every coffee shop has good coffee brew?

No! First of all, a good barista is required for good coffee. Because a good barista dominates the entire process of coffee.

So where can we have good coffee?

You can find it in many parts of the world. However, we discovered places where you can have the best coffee in Dublin.

3fe Coffee

Best Coffee Shop 3fe
Best Coffee Shop 3fe

3fe Coffee is the coolest place in Dublin. Founded by Colin Harmon in 2009, 3fe Coffee continues to provide high standards. 3fe also roast coffee from the same time, roasted coffee is freshly offered to its customers.

Many coffee shops in Dublin also use coffee beans of 3fe.

You can find many types of coffee here. Chemex, V60, French Press, as well as filter coffee brewing methods, you can try many types of milky coffee.

3fe coffee is as successful as it is sweet and the morning breakfast is very successful. If you fall down, we recommend you to try breakfast one morning. You’ll love it!

As of 2018, we share the location of 3fe with 3 branches on Grand Canal Street:

Foam Coffeehouse

Best Coffee Shops Foam
Foam Coffeehouse

Foam Coffehouse, located in Terenure, is one of the great, yet unexplored places. Foam, which serves over two different categories, Black and White, makes a difference with its beautiful sweets that you can eat next to coffee.

Here you can have a nice day with breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as good coffee to drink.

9th Degree Coffee

9th degree is a cute coffee shop located in the city center. You can have great coffee and tea with your experienced baristas. Coffee beans are supplied directly by the Dublin Barista School. The Barista School, which is famous for its Barista education, employs many graduates on its 9th degree coffee Barde. 

Baobab Coffee Roasters

Best Coffee Shops Baobab
Baobab Coffee Roasters

Baobab comes first in Ireland when it comes to the name of Speciality Coffee. Baobab is one of the leading coffee roasters in this sector. Located in the Celbridge region of Ireland, Baobab carefully roasts its own coffee and serves its customers freshly. Although Dublin is far from the center, if you’re on your way, stop by this wonderful place!

We will be visiting Baobab Coffee Roasters in more detail and sharing them with you.

Is that all? Is this the best coffee shop in Dublin?

There are lots of coffee shops in Dublin and surrounding areas where you can have a great day. However, we do not personally visit, we do not want to share the places we do not want to share. For this reason, we will be sharing with you as the number of stores we examine increases.


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