Filter Coffee Brewing Methods

With the rapid increase in the third wave of coffee shops, the attention to coffee has also begun to increase. With the increasing interest in coffee, many coffee lovers turned to coffee brewing methods that they could easily do at home and at work.

In response to this demand in stores, many coffee equipment offered for sale. Thus, many coffee lovers could make their own coffee in 5-10 minutes. Let’s examine these methods.


Fiter Brew Methods Chemex

I gave Chemex the first place in coffee brewing methods. Chemex is my favorite brewing method. Discovered in 1941 by the German scientist Peter Schlumbohm, Chemex promises a great coffee experience by combining coffee and water with the right proportions.

The most important factor in this filter coffee method is filter paper. Chemex filter coffee method requires its own equipment.

Chemex Equipment:

  • Chemex Cup (3, 6 or 8)
  • Chemex Filter Paper


I gave the second place to v60. Because right now it is one of the most popular coffee brewing methods. V60, which provides great convenience especially for home users, allows you to brew a good filter coffee in a short time. The most important feature of v60 developed by Hario is;

When the brewing coffee, the coffee bean is more acid. Thus, you can brew more fruity filter coffees with coffee aroma.

V60 equipment is sold at a cheaper price than Chemex. The Harioa V60 usually consists of 3 parts.


Filter Coffee Brewing Methods

This coffee brewing method is the American of origin. Aeropress’s release date is 2005 with a lot of history. The American designer Alan Alder is able to infuse dense-bodied coffees with this equipment, which is added to coffee lovers. You can drink more aromatic coffee than other brewing methods because it gives you intense body coffee.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, Aeropress is able to be easily transported anywhere and it is the new favorite of home and office users.

French Press

Filter Coffee Brewing Methods

You can drink this method with the most intense flavored coffees. Thanks to its design, you can easily brew great coffees with this equipment that fits easily all around the house. The average coffee brewing time of French Press is 4-5 minutes. The most important factor you should pay attention to in this brewing method; After the brewing period, you should realize the coffee consumption in 7-8 minutes. Because after 10 minutes, the coffee inside the French Press begins to ache and lose its aroma completely.

Although all brewing methods are similar to each other, they actually have big differences. In brewing methods, the following points should be considered:

  • Amount of ground coffee
  • Water ratio
  • Brewing time

I will examine the differences between coffee brewing methods in another article and share them with you. At the same time, I’ll be sharing the content in detail in the Cold Brew method.



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