How Do I Start A Coffee Shop Business?

You want to start your own business but you have question marks on what to do? You can open a coffee shop and obtain beautiful revenues by selling bakery products, coffee beans, coffee grinders, coffee mugs.

If you like the taste of a cup of good coffee and you think you can do better than the coffees made by high-priced coffee chains then you can consider opening your own coffee shop. According to the 2013 Coffee Statistics Report, coffee shops in the restaurant industry gained a rapid acceleration with a growth rate of 7%. Your estimated annual income figures will vary according to the prices of coffee, the location of your shop and your sales.

How to open a coffee shop?

Find a shop in an area with a high number of pedestrian traffic. There may be places near shopping malls and universities or business centers. Try to find a place to put a table on the sidewalk in front of the shop with enough space for tables, chairs, comfortable armchairs and sofas. In addition, if you find a shop in an area with high traffic flow, customers can leave the shop after they come to the shop, place their order and take their coffee.

Investigate the coffee shop opening regulations and obtain the necessary licenses and permits. Contact government agencies for information on food production permits. Food producing enterprises must first obtain a business license and work license.

Find your name for your coffee shop and design your logo. Find an interesting name in people’s mind. After finding your name, contact a graphic designer. Graphic designer for you to prepare designs appropriate for your name. Use your logo on your business cards, paper glasses and sign.

Buy equipment and supplies, such as coffee machines, core mills, counters, tables, chairs, armchairs and sofas. Identify the locations of suppliers that will make you a wholesale sale. You will need different types of coffee and tea. For customers who will consume their coffee in your shop, you must buy mugs, tea and coffee cup mats and metal spoons. For customers who will take their coffee, you should buy paper cups, cups and plastic mixers. Don’t forget sweeteners, coffee creams and napkins.

Get insurance. Contact insurance agents for information about property insurance and liability insurance.

Get employees for your coffee shop. Determine how many hours your shop will be open and the hours that will be busy. You may need to run extra elements during peak hours. You can get full-time or part-time elements for this. Post your local newspapers and search for staff members online. Meet the candidates, hire candidates and hire the best candidates.

Plan a grand opening. Send flyers and coupons to local businesses. Invite managers of these businesses to launch for your products to taste. Distribute free products to those who pass by your shop. Send a press release to the newspapers about your opening. Music, free products or coupons will enable customers to come back later. If people like your coffees, your shop is constantly working and your customers increase by advertising.

3 Critical Tips for Those Who Want to Open a Coffee Shop

In recent years, many coffee shops have been opened, especially the third generation coffee shops. We can say that drinking coffee has become an experience of drinking any kind of drinks.

If you have the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčopening a coffee shop, you should give great importance to the 3 topics below.

  • Follow Coffee Trends Closely

Coffee Machines
Coffee Machines

50 thousand pounds of coffee machines, there are 500 pounds. Every day a new brewing equipment is available and new types of coffee are on the market.

As someone who wants to open a coffee house, it is very important to follow closely what trends are found in the world. For this, you can do research on the internet, read books on the subject and visit various coffee makers in the country and abroad. Especially when you go to a new coffee shop, you are more likely to notice new and stylish details.

Of course, if your capital is strong, you can use the latest model equipment when opening a coffee shop. But remember that expensive coffee machines have high advertising budgets and are therefore very well marketed.

  • Get Equipped About Coffee

Equipped Barista
Equipped Barista

If you want to open the coffee shop you must be the head barista. Coffee has become popular in recent years but everyone seems to have been under the spell of this trend. So the presentation of coffee, coffee shop design etc. The importance of coffee is overlooked while things like that are overlooked. At this point, the coffee shops that know their jobs and do well, stand out a few steps from others.

If you think that being a successful cafe is to hire the best baristas, you are wrong. As an entrepreneur who intends to open a coffee shop, you must be the best barista in the shop.

It is not installed with a good coffee shop, good venue and good coffee beans. The perseverance and talent for a good coffee shop is much more important.

Therefore, as a person who wants to enter the coffee business, you should get a good baristic training. You should try to learn everything about coffee.

Being a chief barista in the shop is also possible by constantly learning, practicing, improving manners and experiences, raising new staff and providing a certain standard. This is the only way to become a chief barista.

  • Coffee is an Experience

Coffee Shop Experience
Coffee Shop Experience

You must create a culture in the coffee shop you open. A company culture or a coffeehouse culture can occur when a group of employees offer the best service to customers who come to the shop. Serving a person a food or a drink is one of the closest human interactions. If you fail to perceive the notion of interaction only as a shopper, you may experience great reductions in quality.

Therefore, you should have some priorities in the coffee shop. You have to prepare the best coffee you can offer once. You have to have full information about coffee in this. A human being who knows his work naturally exhibits a superior performance.

Coffee and coffee making is a kind of experience. It’s the daily routine of people, people sitting in the coffee shop and wanting to drink coffee while chatting with their friends are the people who like human touch. In this respect, opening a coffee shop that can make people feel peaceful and satisfied is very important on the road to success.


Deal with local musicians to make music during your peak hours. Let people know that there is entertainment in your shop.

Provide free wireless service for customers to benefit from.


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