How to make iced filter coffee?

With the increasing consumption of coffee every day, many kinds of coffee began to enter our lives. Especially in the summer, the more consumed iced coffee, began to be consumed in all seasons.

Many coffee shops also added iced coffee to their menus.

So what is iced coffee? Is it made with milk or plain?

Cold Brew is the first thing that comes to mind when we say iced coffee. Cold Brew is the icy state of the normal filter coffee. Now with the recipe you will be able to prepare iced coffee in your home easily. You should know that; You can prepare iced coffee very easily with any coffee brewing equipment in your home.

The basic materials we need:

  • 40 g ground coffee
  • 350 ml water
  • 350 ml ice

Available coffee equipment:

  • Chemex
  • Aeropress
  • V60
make iced coffee
make iced coffee

Iced coffee recipe:

For Chemex: Add 350ml of ice into the empty Chemex. Then add the filter paper and pour 40 grams of coffee into it. Then add 100 ml of 95 degrees of boiled water. Expect 30-40 seconds (250ml left). We then pour the remaining 250 ml of water slowly for 1 minute. We pay attention that the total infusion time does not exceed 3-4 minutes. Usually, your coffee will be ready to drink in 3 minutes. (If the brewing time is over 3 minutes, our coffee is too stale or too thick / thin.) We start to drink with a spoon gently.

For the V60: All the steps for the Hario V60 look like Chemex. In the same way, we add 350gr of ice to the lower chamber, and brew on it. The V60 brews faster than Chemex. In fact, there is a lot of difference between normal brewing. These details are not very important for Iced coffee and normal home users at this time. I’m going to explain the details between them in a separate article.

A total of 700 ml of iced coffee can be obtained with the description given above. For Aeropress, the situation is slightly different. Aero can take up to 265 ml of water. So our recipe changes a bit here.

For Aeropress: We start brewing with 30 grams of ground coffee and 265 ml of water, just like normal coffee. We’re adding 250 grams of ice into the mug you are going to pour the coffee to. Ready to serve!

Optionally, you can vary it. Here is the basic logic; use half of the coffee you normally brew and use the other half of the ice. In this way, you can prepare iced coffee in your home or workplace in a practical way and serve to your guests.

Can a coffee machine make iced coffee?

The coffee machine can also be made with iced coffee. However, coffee in the coffee machine should be a little more than normal. So brewed coffee is only available for iced coffee. Otherwise, the coffee will give you a bitter taste.

Can I make Iced Coffee with milk along with this recipe?

milky iced coffee
milky iced coffee

Yes, you can. For example; You can prepare your coffee by adding 300 ml of water, 300 ml of ice and 100 ml of milk. There is actually a more delicious way to do that, but it’s a bit troublesome. ¬†Use a milk cube instead of used ice. I will share this in a separate context. I can even shoot a video for that.

Enjoy your meal!


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